Lawn Edging Before During After

Let’s learn how to go about cleaning up an overgrown sidewalk as shown above!

JT Landscape & Organic Lawn Care is a local lawn care and landscaping company in Camden County, NJ.  We provide lawn edging services along with many other lawn and landscape services.  If you are the DIY type, you’ll learn how to perform this lawn cleanup service yourself.  If you’d like to hire us, we are happy to provide you with a free estimate in Camden County, NJ, and nearby, our local service area.

Lawn Edging

Lawn edging refers to creating a crisp 90-degree edge where the lawn meets other parts of your property such as the sidewalk, driveway, and mulch beds.  If the grass is not overflowing onto the concrete, this is a pretty simple task that can be completed with a lawn edger or string trimmer flipped to cut perpendicular to the ground.  When the grass, weeds, and/or dirt are overflowing on top of the concrete the process is a little more involved.

Lawn Edging When Overgrown

When the edge is overgrown and overflowing, additional steps are often necessary to end up with a nice crisp edge.  You can bring back your lawn’s edge in a single service or make a little progress each time you mow your lawn.  If you aren’t needing instant results, simply chip away at the overflowing turf, and soil beneath until it is once again back under control.

When we perform this for our customers, we do it all at once.  We have a dedicated lawn edger machine.  This machine has a metal blade that runs along the edge of the concrete to create the 90-degree angle we are looking for.  For turf or weeds that are growing out of the breaks in the sidewalk or driveway, it’s best to use your string trimmer and weed whack these areas under the grass and dirt are all removed.  A pro tip is to turn your string trimmer perpendicular to the ground and run the string in the groove between each section.

When there is a lot of soil mixed in with the grass and weeds you just cut out and is not sitting on your pavement, the most efficient solution to remove it is to rake it into piles and scoop it into a wheelbarrow or contractor bag and haul it away.  If the amount of soil isn’t too great, you can rake or blow the debris off the pavement and back into the lawn, then run your mower over it to break it up and disperse it.

How To Handle Extremely Overgrown Lawn Edges

If the lawn’s edges have not been maintained in a long time, this process may need to be replicated using a spade.  A spade is just a shovel with a flat tip.  It’s the same process as described above, but you do it all with the shovel instead of handheld power equipment.


This is a pretty simple lawn maintenance task and 100% worth doing if your lawn edge is overgrown.  Once it is back in shape, keeping it that way is easy if you stay on top of it and redefine the edge every time you mow or even every other time you mow.

Please consider hiring JT Landscape & Organic Lawn Care if you are in need of a lawn edging service!  Request your free, no-obligation estimate today!  We also mow lawns!