Landscape cleanup services can be big or small projects.  Let’s take a look at what can be included in a lawn and landscape cleanup or renovation service and what price you could expect to pay based on the scope of the project.

Landscape Cleanup Before After

Lawn and Landscape Cleanups

When we think of a lawn and landscape cleanup project at JT Landscape & Organic Lawn Care, we think of pulling weeds, removing dead shrubs, trimming the desired plants, and installing mulch or decorative rock.

A ‘landscape cleanup’ is a common landscape maintenance task many homeowners handle by hiring a local lawn and landscape service like us.  Some DIY homeowners prefer to tackle this task on their own.

The key thing to know when hiring a landscape company or performing this type of work yourself is that weeds will definitely come back if the roots are not pulled or treated with a herbicide!  Make sure you are truly eliminating the problem when performing this service!  The last thing you want is weeds returning to your landscape beds within a matter of days.  Another important thing to know is the plants in your landscape beds. Some plants should only be pruned at certain times of the year.  If you are unsure of how to properly care for the plants in your landscape, hiring a landscape professional is probably a good idea.

Lawn Edging Before During After

Small Lawn and Landscape Maintenance Tasks

Sometimes cleanups can be even less involved.  A lawn cleanup could refer to removing the overgrown soil and turfgrass/weeds growing over the sidewalk.  Simply cleaning up this single aspect of your lawn and landscape can make a huge difference in the appearance of your lawn as shown in the pictures above.  Ridding your lawn of weeds is considered more of a lawn care service so we aren’t including that here but we do offer lawn care programs in Sicklerville, Williamstown, and nearby areas in New Jersey.

Maybe your landscape just needs to be weeded.  Or, maybe your plants just need to be trimmed.  Or, maybe your flower beds just need a fresh layer of mulch to spruce them up.  Lawn and landscape cleanups don’t have to be all-inclusive, they can definitely just address the problems areas to keep them budget-friendly.

Lawn Renovation Before After

Lawn and Landscape Renovations

As you may expect a lawn or landscape renovation is a much larger project than a landscape cleanup.  Lawn and landscape renovation services can certainly include everything we just mentioned in what is involved in a lawn and landscape cleanup, and much more.

Renovations can also include tree removal and stump grinding along with many other lawn or landscape improvement tasks such as sod installation, hardscape feature installation (Paver patios or walkways, retaining walls, or fire pits for example), plant installation, and so on.

The scope of the renovation really just comes down to the current state of your lawn and landscape and the wishes of the homeowner.

Local Landscape Company

Lawn and Landscape Cleanup and Renovation Pricing

We are sorry to report that the cost of a lawn and landscape cleanup or renovation is across the board.

On the low end, very small projects could be under $100.

The average price for a lawn and landscape cleanup service in Camden County, NJ is $700.

The average price for a lawn and landscape renovation service in Camden County, NJ is $2,200.

Can we provide you with a free estimate?  We won’t know what your quote will be until we hear what you’d like to have done and swing by to check out your lawn and landscape.  We are more than happy to get you a price for your landscape project so you can determine if it is within your budget!

Thanks for considering JT Landscape & Organic Lawn Care for your lawn and landscape needs in Camden County, NJ, and nearby.