Landscaping small front yards does not have to be hard!

Let’s take a look at some small front yard landscaping projects performed by JT Landscape & Organic Lawn Care in Camden County, NJ to get you some ideas.  If you’re looking for a local landscaper in Camden County, NJ – request your free estimate today!

KISS Landscaping

Don’t overthink landscaping a small area like the front yards of many homes in New Jersey just outside of Philadephia.

Keep It Stupid Simple!

You’ve probably heard of a low-maintenance landscape but how about a ‘no-maintenance landscape!’  OK…maybe not no maintenance, but we have 2 examples below that would only require basic maintenance, about a little maintenance as a landscape can possibly need.

Small Yard Yard Grass Only

All Grass Landscape

The landscape pictured above on the left side was ripped out and replaced by sod by JT Landscape & Organic Lawn Care in Williamstown, NJ.

The only maintenance needed at this point is mowing!  Since we are lawn care guys, we would definitely recommend considering a fertilization program to keep the sod healthy.

One important thing to note when installing sod is that is it very important to water the sod properly for several weeks after installation to ensure the roots take hold in the new soil beneath.  An all grass landscape could also be accomplished by preparing the bare ground after removing the existing landscape to sow grass seed and grow grass.

Small Yard Yard Mulch Only

Zero Plant Landscape

On the other end of the spectrum, you could remove any existing grass, weeds, and plant material, plus the decorative river rock in the example above, with mulch only.

This is keeping it very simple, maybe too simple!?  It’s all about what you, the homeowner wants at the end of the day.

We’d have to say that the all-mulch version of the landscape pictured above is an improvement from the initial state of the landscape.  Plants could always be added at any time.  The only maintenance you’d have with an all-mulch landscape bed is weeding it from time to time.  Another option along these lines that could eliminate weeding and eliminate the need to refresh the mulch each year would be to install a decorative rock like river rock with a weed barrier fabric installed beneath it.

Low Maintenance Landscape With River Rock

Typical Front Yard Landscape Project

Pictured above is a more typical example of landscaping small front yards.  This front-yard landscaping project was performed by JT Landscape & Organic Lawn Care in Sicklerville, NJ.

The main scope of this landscape refresh project was pulling the weeds and replacing the existing mulch with oversized river rock.  In our opinion, this small landscaping project made a big difference to the appearance of the front yard landscape.

Replace Mulch with River Rock

Small Front Yard Landscaping Tips

Below is a picture of a landscape bed that just had the existing plants and weed removed and then replaced with fresh black hardwood mulch, a small decorative bolder, and a couple of plants well-suited for the landscape bed size and environment.

Small Landscape Example

When landscaping small front yards we recommend having some grass to compliment your landscaping.  The combination just goes so well together!

When picking plants, consider the amount of space available in your flower beds.  Plants grow!  Don’t overcrowd your landscape beds by planting the plant too close together because they were small and young when you purchased and installed them!  Plants will always have a tag on them that will let you know how large you can expect them to be when they mature.

Always consider sunlight exposure.  Landscape beds after butt up to the home.  Difference plants require different amounts of sunlight exposure.  Make sure the side of your home that you are planning on planting a certain plant gets the right amount of sunlight exposure!

Mulch isn’t your only option!  If you didn’t know, mulch is available in many different colors and styles.  Stop by your local garden center to see all of the mulch up close and in person.  Still, mulch needs to be refreshed or topdressed usually on a yearly basis.  Consider a decorative rock as an alternative to mulch for a lower-maintenance landscape.  Decorative rock also has many options as far as color, texture, and size.  Decorative rock will come with a higher upfront cost but will cost less than mulch in the long run because of the reduced ongoing maintenance cost.

If you want to take your landscape to the next level, consider incorporating pavers, retaining walls, or fire pits.  They can make your landscape more functional and enjoyable.  Outdoor lighting and water features are also next-level upgrades sure to set any well cared for landscape apart from the rest.

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Get To Landscaping!

We hope you found some helpful tips and tricks in this article.  Landscaping small front yards should be fun!  We know plenty of homeowners enjoy maintaining their own landscape.  If you are not the DIY type, please contact us for your free estimate!  We’d love to landscape your yard, small or large!